Google Summer of Code

Mar 22 2012 by Garrett Serack @fearthecowboy

You may have heard that the Outercurve Foundation has been accepted as a Mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code.

The Outercuve GSoC ideas Page

What we need:

  • Students to build code! Please get the word out that CoApp (and Opensource on Windows in general) needs students for GSoC . Student applications start March 26th

  • Mentors -- I've got 3 or 4 folks already volunteered; if we get a few students, we may need more. Anyone who can act as a mentor, I'd ask that you APPLY IMMEDIATELY so we can show strong support for our project. Request to be a Mentor for the Outercurve Foundation. (Mention "Garrett told me to tell you that I'm applying as a mentor for the CoApp project" in the message)

  • More Ideas -- We can always use more ideas of things to build for #CoApp ... (not just making shallow-forks), but some new innovative tools.

Student applications open March 26th (four days from now!)

We need action on this ASAP.

The More Students and Ideas we have, the more slots we should be able to get!