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Sep 22 2011 by Garrett Serack @fearthecowboy

As we approach getting to Beta 2 for CoApp (and hear that expected date whizz past!),
it's probably a good idea that I drop a quick update as to where we are.

Our CoApp-as-a-Win32-Service work is pretty much complete (although I'd like to do a full
security review before 1.0). We have the full functionality of the engine provided over
a named-pipes connection, and it's working pretty darn well. The engine actually performs
significantly better that when it was in-process with the client, and really, supports a few
more features that before as well--support for fine-granularity group-policy-controlled
permissions for CoApp functionality, multiple concurrent clients, faster installation, better feed
management, package blocking, trim support, zero-reboot support for environment variables and more.

We're also addressing the UI perspective as well--the CoApp bootstrapper (the embedded bit
that is stuck inside every single package) sports a clean and clear UI:

Bootstrapping CoApp on XP

Even when the bootstrapper fails, it's not too complicated :

What happens when things don't go right...

(Ok, I borrowed from "Windows 8" on that one...)

As well, the default installer (what you see when you simply double-click on a CoApp MSI) is nearly done:

Of course, it wouldn't be software development if there wasn't a couple of bumps in the road.

Extensive debugging of the bootstrap process and a few other bits has taken a bit longer than
I was hoping, but we're coming down to the last couple of weeks of effort, and we should have a
pretty stable and usable Beta 2 build, which will certainly allow us to start packaging up
some software.

I'm sure that the bugs will start rolling in like crazy after that!