An alternative interface for GitHub issues

Jul 12 2011 by Garrett Serack @fearthecowboy

I think someone pointed me to this before, and I had glanced at it, but I wanted to point this out to those who are/will spend a lot of time in the GitHub issue tracker.

Github Issues Interface

This only seems to work in Chrome, but it's a really nice interface to the GitHub issue tracker.

Some helpful hints:

Click on the login to GitHub link at the bottom left hand corner.

It saves your repositories that you are watching when you close the window, so if you open a second window, you won't see the repositories you’ve added unless the first one is closed before. And it's last-closed-window-wins (so close the window with the watched repositories you care about last!).

There is also a nice Chrome extension that makes it easy to link to the fancy interface from the standard gitub issues page: