Filing bugs for CoApp on GitHub



You'll need the following in order to submit bug reports to CoApp:

  • GitHub account
  • optionally, if you want to create and submit patches too, you will need to set up Git in your environment.

For both requirements, refer to Getting setup with Git and GitHub.

CoApp uses GitHub Issue Tracker

CoApp project is hosted at GitHub and uses GitHub Issue Tracker to deal with issues related to CoApp tools or CoApp website and documentation.

CoApp Packages also use GitHub to manage issues. Issues for packages are discussed in separate article on Filing bugs for CoApp package on GitHub.

On GitHub blog, there is an excellent overview of anatomy of an issue posted. Please, refer to this article to learn more about how to use the GitHub Issue Tracker.

Submitting bug reports for CoApp on GitHub

If you have found a bug and you want to report it, choose one of the following trackers depending on where the bug occurred:

Notice All trackers hosted at GitHub offer unified interface and work in exactly the same way.

Once you have decided where to submit bug report, go to the corresponding Issues page and follow the following steps:

  1. Click New Issue button
  2. Important Enter short but descriptive title. It allows to easily identify what the bug report is about.
  3. Fill the description box explaining a few import details:
    • What is the problem - what is happening?
    • What is the expected behaviour - what should be happening?
    • Important What steps are necessary to reproduce the problem? It is essential to sort out the problem quickly.
    • What is CoApp version you are using?
    • What is Windows OS version?
  4. Important We recommend to format the description using GitHub Flavoured Markdown syntax. This makes the bug report clear and readable, especially if you want to include blocks with source code and command line output or auto-link to GitHub references like commits (SHA1) or other issues.
  5. If you want to attach a patch, git diff output or a very long log file, use Gist service:
    • Paste your content
    • It is a good idea to fill Gist description and name the file
    • Important Click Create Public Gist
    • Then copy and paste URL of your Gist into the issue description.